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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Katie & Kevin

"Janice Kushner was so great to work with, not only were the pictures she took of my wedding amazing; she also listened to what I wanted! She was also fun to have around during the day and brought some good ideas to the table. I can't say enough nice things about her. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, you should definitely use Janice -- you will not be disappointed!"
- Katie & Kevin

Taryn & Andy

"Janice was a wonderful photographer. She was very easy to work with from the beginning and did an extraordinary job for our engagement and wedding day photos. We can't wait to work with her again. She is really terrific!"
- Taryn & Andy

Michelle & Dave

"Janice was a wonderful photographer! She gave us great ideas for places to get pictures taken while at the same time keeping with what we were looking for. She was prompt anytime an appointment was made, and on the day of the wedding, she took so many great photos and we didn't even know she was there half of the time! Thank you, Janice for all of your great work!"
- Michelle & Dave

Hayley & Mark

"I would highly recommend Janice Kushner! Many people told me they are the best wedding photos they have ever seem. Janice is friendly and easy to work with. She is very creative and uses a wide variety of photo styles (traditional, artistic, etc...). I could not have been happier with my decision to have her do my wedding pictures."
- Hayley & Mark

Allie & Tommy

"Amazing and unique photographer!!! I love all my wedding pictures!"
- Allie & Tommy

Kim & Laura

"She captured great impromptu moments in our ceremony and the reception. The colors were so vivid. There are so many wonderful pictures to choose from - we will frame some and give them as gifts this holiday season! Thanks, Janice!"
- Kim & Laura

Abby & Andy

"Janice did an amazing job for our wedding. The pictures turned out better than expected and she really captured the joy of the day. Janice is as good as they get!"
- Abby & Andy

Amy & Rob

"Janice was very receptive and accommodating to our specific requests, and was able to provide guidance where we didn't have ideas. Everybody loved the photos and was able to get adults and kids to smile....with eyes open! She's been great through the whole process."
- Amy & Rob

Nicole & Frank

"Janice is not ONLY an AMAZING photographer but an even more amazing person. She was always there when I had a question or concerns and made the whole wedding process a lot easier and smoother. She has given me the most beautiful pictures that I can treasure forever! Anybody who doesn’t use her is crazy!"
- Nicole & Frank

Michelle & Michael

"We recently hired Janice for our September wedding with a guest list of 200 people and a wedding party that consisted of 10 people. Our photos provided a very nice mix of all our guests. We were so impressed with our photos…each and every one. We found Janice so easy and professional to work with. She beautifully and artistically captured all of our treasured moments while never interrupting the flow of the day. Our group had so much fun with her and the results were fantastic! Putting your wedding day in the hands of someone else is very scary moment but with Janice we were completely comfortable and appreciated her expertise. Lastly, she provided us a variety of photo styles and Pictage we found, was also very easy to use. We had our pictures in less than a weeks’ time! We would absolutely recommend Janice Kushner Photography!"
- Michelle & Michael

Mary & Jason

"Janice is very creative and did a wonderful job. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to blend into the crowd and take natural shots. Her pictures captured the day and told a story."
- Mary & Jason

Krista & Chris

"Janice was friendly, extremely professional, and most importantly, creative and skilled. She had wonderful ideas for locations and poses and at times captured very genuine, heartfelt moments without us even being aware of her presence. These factors were all reflected in beautiful individual photographs and an album that both serve as wonderful, personal mementos of our wedding day and that we will always cherish."
- Krista & Chris

Jennifer & Mike

"We truly loved our photographer Janice Kushner! She was so in touch with everything we wanted. I think that it was so important for us to find someone that really knew what we wanted and we did with Janice! I recommend her to anyone. Best of luck."
- Jennifer & Mike

Heather & Rich

"We love Janice! From the initial meeting to the final presentation of our beautiful pictures, she was perfect. Her style of photography is amazing, and she captured every shot we wanted and then some! For days following our wedding, we got many calls from our guests telling us how great she was and how much fun they had with her. We couldn't agree more! She was also amazing with the kids- a BIG plus. She gave us wonderful memories of our wedding day that we will cherish forever! A definite A+++ in our book! Thanks Janice!"
- Heather & Rich

Erin & Rob

"We were very pleased with both the final product and the process - Janice takes great pictures and also is efficient and unobtrusive in doing so. She is very good about listening to what we want and delivering products that meet our desires. Her turnaround time for our wedding day pictures and the album once we selected our photos were excellent, and she quickly and patiently made any changes we wanted."
- Erin & Rob

Cheryl & Brad

"My husband and I could not be happier with Janice's work and dedication; not to mention how easy it was to work with her before, during and after our wedding. From the moment we met her we knew she was going to make the most important day of our lives come alive again and again for years through her work. She had an amazing way of capturing all the special details of our wedding. We cannot thank her enough for all she has done."
- Cheryl & Brad

Kelly & Brian

"Janice Kushner was phenomenal! We truly were very fortunate to have found her and worked with her. Her work is amazing, creative and very professional."
- Kelly & Brian

Jennifer & Michael

"Janice was very professional and truly loves what she does. We were very happy with her and would HIGHLY recommend her to others."
- Jennifer & Michael

Brittany & Evan

"Janice did a wonderful job! We were very pleased with the pictures. She really listened to what we wanted. She worked well with the group and was very organized. It was perfect! Thanks Janice."
- Brittany & Evan


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